Meet Clint Dorris

Together, we can restore conservative values to make Douglas County the BEST place in the country to BE a FAMILY.

Douglas County is at a critical crossroads.

I truly believe that Douglas County is a bellwether for our state and nation. Socialists have had their way in other parts of Colorado and would like to make Douglas County a socialist haven, like Boulder.

This election is critical and may very well be the first time a Democrat socialist has a chance of taking a major seat in Colorado’s most conservative county.

We can no longer afford to elect the “comfortable” recycled politician whose ideas and approach represent the very reason we are losing our Western values on our county and state. We need bold leadership that has the demonstrated skills to bring back the forgotten voters and energize younger voters to go to the ballot box on the ideas of individual liberty and family.

We need a conservative candidate who can beat a true liberal competitor.

“Every decision we make as a county should result in healthy families and prosperity for our community. Politics should never be the point, people should be.”

Family. Service. Leadership.

Bringing my experiences and values to serve the people of Douglas County.

Military Service

In 1989, Clint left college to enlist in the U.S. Army. He served on an elite six-man airborne ranger team in multiple combat operations where he earned the Bronze Star, Combat Infantryman’s Badge, Presidential Unit Citation, Southwest Asia Service Medal (Saudi) and Southwest Asia Service Medal (Kuwait): awarded by General Rich Clarke.

In 1998, Clint received a direct appointment from SGT to 2ND LT, recommended by General Hugh Shelton.

LT Dorris, graduated from flight school as an honor graduate and subsequently earned Top Gun in the Apache helicopter, as the first junior officer to do so in his unit.

Falling in Love with Colorado

Clint fell in love with Colorado 30 years ago where he lived at, and guided for, the Boeddeker (Cross Mountain) Ranch in the early 1990s. Due to his federal service, Clint was forced to move away from Colorado. Fortunately, he spent much of the next 20 years in Colorado for business, leisure and family. And when he left national public service, he immediately moved back to Colorado, settling in Douglas County with his family to help plant Front Range Christian Church.


Clint earned his B.S. in Environmental Engineering from Texas A&M University and his M.S. in Engineering from the University of Texas.

Boeing Engineer & Manager

As a Boeing manager for NASA’s International Space Station, Clint was the number one ranked manager at Boeing for three years running. Clint earned numerous awards during his tenure, to include the highly coveted once-in-a-career award from the astronaut office (Silver Snoopy Award) while he was a college intern.


Clint was selected out of private industry by Dr. Michael D. Griffin, the current Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, as a NASA senior manager leading the Advanced Program Office (APO) and the Human Lunar Lander (Altair) Program under the Bush administration. Clint earned numerous awards for his transformative approach for human space flight. He was also selected to interview for the astronaut class of 2009.


Clint served in the office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Intelligence) as a senior manager in the Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) Task Force. He personally briefed the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJSC), Admiral Michael G. Mullen and General David Petraeus on a proposal that resulted in Clint leading a $1.2B effort to remove IEDs from the battlefield.  Utilizing technology that Clint helped to develop at NASA, the program identified and removed 100 tons of homemade explosives material, mitigating the leading cause of casualties and death amongst US troops,

As part of his role, Clint regularly briefed the CJCS, OMB and the Hill regarding his responsibilities managing a $10 billion dollar classified portfolio for Operation Enduring Freedom.

Clint was specifically recognized for his exceptional non-traditional leadership and coalition-building skills: “Clint is an exceptional team player and contributor,” wrote Lt. Gen John C. Koziol, USAF, “and I believe he can lead any team, with any mission.”


Family time outdoors

Clint cherishes time with his wife and children in the great outdoors of Colorado. Be it playing on their property, running ultra marathons, camping, hiking, biking, hunting, fishing or snow boarding, the Dorris family builds memories together outside.

Community Service

Active in Boy Scouts as a father of two Eagle Scouts, Clint served as Troop 780 Committee Chair for many years. Clint has also led numerous mission efforts in Haiti, the US Tribal Nations, and communities across the country. He has also served in his home church and is an ordained deacon.

Serving Colorado and Douglas County

Clint was selected by the BOCC to chair the county’s Physical School Safety and Protection Committee and led the effort to guide the investment of $13MM of county funds to help keep our DougCo youth safe.

Clint, and his team, worked with the State of Colorado to fundamentally change the way the state fights forest fires. As such, Clint’s team created two PC-12 aircraft based systems with military grade equipment to identify fires before they spread.


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