Families First, for our Future

Together, we can restore Western values to make Douglas County the BEST place in the country to BE a FAMILY.


“Every decision we make as a county should result in healthy families and prosperity for our community. Things should never be the point, people should be.”

Clint Dorris

Dedicated Family-Man, Decorated Vet, Deacon, Business Leader, Public Servant

Protecting Our Values

I am committed to stopping the “slow fade” of our freedoms and Western values towards socialism, high taxes, and increased government intrusion into our lives.


Investing in our Youth

Together as a community, we have the power to significantly reduce the leading cause of death for our youth and to increase their safety in school.


Working together

We need bold new leadership that can bring back forgotten voters to the ballot box by demonstrating that we are serious about our values; and have the proven skills to unify conservatives, not divide them.


Meet Clint Dorris

The Dorris family is proud to call Douglas County home because of our love of community spirit, western roots and the rugged individualism for which the county was founded.

I’ve watched the county’s historically western values erode at an ever-increasing rate, and feel like I can no longer be a spectator but must do my part to preserve the safety and prosperity of our community.

Douglas County isn’t a government entity or infrastructure; it’s the place where real families, with real jobs, who pay real taxes, lead real lives, with real struggles and real dreams.

Government should stop interfering with those dreams.