Clint's Vision:

Together, we can restore conservative values to make Douglas County the BEST place in the country to BE a FAMILY.

Douglas County is at a critical crossroads.

I truly believe that Douglas County is a bellwether for our state and nation. Socialists have had their way in other parts of Colorado and would like to make Douglas County a socialist haven, like Boulder.

This election is critical and may very well be the first time a Democrat socialist has a chance of taking a major seat in Colorado’s most conservative county.

Because the liberal socialists are coming for DougCo, we can no longer afford to elect the “comfortable” recycled politician whose ideas and approach represent the very reason we are losing our conservative grip on our county and state. We need bold leadership that has the demonstrated skills to bring back the forgotten voters and energize younger voters to go to the ballot box on the ideas of individual liberty and family.

We need a conservative candidate who can beat a true liberal competitor.

Our Youth

The youth of our county are literally our future. We must do more to protect our youth and to build strong, healthy community networks that work together across the boundaries of our municipalities and neighborhoods. As commissioner, I will ensure that we expand on existing capabilities and provide community leadership to bring together our county, thereby significantly reducing the leading cause of death for our youth: suicide.

Safety & Security

As the former Chair of the County’s Physical Safety and Protection Committee and a former Counter Terrorism professional, I understand the vulnerabilities of our youth and county infrastructure. As commissioner, I will ensure that we make the necessary investments in technology to protect our school-aged children, our infrastructure, and the citizens of the county.


Roads are an investment in our future when we ensure that they are safe, functional and help families spend more time together. If parents spend hours a day in traffic, that’s a direct impact on their ability to be present with their family and we are inadvertently hurting our future.

Economic Development

Much like roads, economic development is critical to the future of our county. It’s time to focus on bringing more high paying jobs to the county so that parents play and WORK where they live.  I believe we should be working towards DougCo as a technological center (DCTC).

Affordable Housing

Those that serve our county should be able to live where they work. If you are a law enforcement officer, fire fighter or teacher, it’s imperative that you are part of the community you serve. It’s hard to be a community if you don’t live here. I will ensure that we continue to utilize industry partnerships with Private Activity Bonds as well as creative partnering opportunities with industry to bring affordable single family living to the county.

County Services

Douglas County, as a government entity, should never be an impediment to progress and should continually strive to provide excellent service to our citizens through exceptional friendly communication, integrity, leadership and easy to use electronic resources.  I will strive to increase remote electronic services that eliminate the need to physically visit a brick and mortar building.

Natural Resources / Infrastructure

Douglas County should continue to have a robust open space policy along with conducting resource studies to ensure a long-term sustainable plan for water and open space. We should know the carrying capacity of the infrastructure and natural resources for our County and have a plan that prepares us for the future.

Community Health

Given the vulnerability of many in our county, Douglas County should continue to invest in leading and seeding collaborative programs with non-government organizations and businesses to support our vulnerable through programs such as the Community Response Teams and Mental Health Initiatives.   As such, we must recognize the adverse effect of recreational marijuana and vaping on our youth and make a stand.

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