Clint's Vision:

Together, we can restore conservative values to make Douglas County the BEST place in the country to BE a FAMILY.

I’m Standing For Our Western Values

Our western values are as much a part of our Colorado spirit as our vast horizons and spectacular sunsets. They shape the very character of our state: values like independence, neighborliness, fairness, common sense, and love of God, family and country. These values have given us a wonderful way of life.

But recently the Western principles we live by are being hammered to dust by politicians in Denver who want to tell us what to do with our land, how to raise our children, where and how to live, restrict our right to self-defense, and spend more and more of our money on their failed leftist-socialist causes.

And they’re coming for Douglas County. They know our county and our citizens are a stronghold of the Western values they want to destroy. That won’t happen under my watch. To keep the Western values that our Douglas County values, we need bold leadership that can energize young voters and inspire all voters to help save the Colorado life we hold dear.

I am that bold leader.

Westerners Value Our Children

Working with community leaders, I will create an adult-to-youth mentorship program to connect our kids to volunteers in the community who care about them.  Experts tells us that increased genuine adult interactions with our youth provide the necessary connective tissue to help them through critical chapters in their lives.  Suicide is the leading cause of death for our Douglas County youth and human trafficking is becoming an ever-increasing problem. We must take a stand for our children and do more.

Westerners Value Our Kid’s Safety

Because of my professional background in intelligence and worldwide counter terrorism for our government, I was chosen to chair the County Commissioners School Physical Safety and Protection Committee. The Committee was created to help the Douglas County Commissioners direct 10 million dollars to improve school security following the tragic STEM School Highlands Ranch shootings. I led the team in creating a process to review 5,000 pages of research, including FBI and Secret Service reports. We assessed the vulnerability of multiple schools and ultimately developed a 45-page report in less than 45 days. As commissioner, I look forward to contributing my knowledge gained through decades of security experience to transform our children’s safety; for example, utilizing technology to help prevent suicide and to identify those that are intent on harming our children before they ever have an opportunity to do so..

Westerners Value Smart, Thrifty Investments

I believe the purpose of an efficient roads, bridges, and highway system is to enable people to get where they need to go as quickly and safely as possible, so they can ultimately spend more time with their families. The more hours parents spend in traffic, the less time they have with their families. And we know that a strong family is the foundation of a healthy society, giving children the best possible start as an emotionally stable person as well as a successful student. I’d also like to see fewer toll roads to reduce the financial drain of commuting on a family budget.

Westerners Value Development, Not Over-development

Economic development is vital to the future of our county.  But many citizens have become alarmed at our rapid growth and the disappearance of ranchlands taken over by apartment complexes and massive housing developments. We must continue to seek a balance between land owner’s rights and development, to ensure we have the necessary water/infrasture for longterm sustainability. Similarly, it’s time to focus on bringing more high paying jobs to the county so that parents play and work where they live.

Westerners Value Owning Their Homes

Those that serve our county should be able to live where they work. If you are a law enforcement officer, fire fighter or teacher, you probably want to be part of the community you serve. I have a plan to partner with homebuilders to bring obtainable single family homes to the county, without government funding that inevitably has strings attached.

Westerners Value Common Sense

As a government entity, Douglas County should be there to help businesses and individuals succeed instead of burdening them with unnecessary bureaucratic requirements. Another function of government is to provide excellent service to citizens through friendly communication, and easy to use online resources. It just makes sense in our modern age to continue to increase the availability of online services to mitigate the need to physically visit a brick and mortar building.

Westerners Value Conservation

Douglas County has a magnificent collection of open space parks and trails where people can hike, bike, and ride horses. We should continue preserving open space so our citizens can enjoy the natural beauty of our great outdoors. We also need an expert plan for the long-term sustainability of our water resources, both groundwater and surface water.  We should know the carrying capacity of our county’s natural resources and have a plan that prepares us for the future.

Westerners Value Their Neighbors’ Health

Douglas County has developed creative, forward-thinking ways to partner with faith-based, business and civic organizations to address many of the health-related problems of our adults and youth. I support continued investment in leading and seeding such collaborative programs as the newly formed Youth Community Response Team, the Community Response Team, and various mental health initiatives. We must confront the well-documented adverse mental and physical health effects of recreational marijuana and vaping on our youth. And we must make a stand for our children.

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